Users should be aware that the public lands comprising Crested Butte ski area are under permit to CBMR by the USFS. Uphill travel is only permitted outside of public operating hours. Access to the mountain is only permitted two (2) hours prior to operating hours. A variety of uphill routes are available before and after the lifts run. Black Mountain: Welcomes Uphilling from sunrise to 4pm. Please check the resort website and uphill hotline prior to accessing the mountain for the most up-to-date information. Please note that uphill travel will not be allowed until Ridge is open for skiing and riding. Wildcat , opens in a new window. A $10 uphill day pass or $99 Uphill season pass is required. Wildcat , opens in a new window. Holidays). ... Attitash , opens in a new window. You can find our full uphill policy here on our Mountain Safety page. See more important details of our uphill policy below. Earn Your Turns. Due to snowmaking, grooming and associated vehicle traffic, guests are not to access the Crotched Mountain trail system for skinning, skiing, riding, hiking or snowshoeing before the resort is open for the winter operating season. Attitash Mountain Resort: Uphill skiing is not allowed, but nearby sister resort Wildcat welcomes uphillers. Mountain Safety (c) Mount Sunapee Ski Resort ... Attitash , opens in a new window. Park City Mountain Resort will open these trails when operations are complete, which could extend beyond the resort opening or until the resort has adequate terrain to safely permit these activities. ... Attitash , opens in a new window. Currently, uphill access is ONLY allowed on Perry Merrill (4:30PM until Midnight) and Crossover to North Slope to Lord to Upper Lord (Midnight to 7:30AM weekdays, 7:00AM Sat. Uphill access will not be allowed on trails during mountain preparation/early season snowmaking. Sun. Following are a few guidelines for uphill … Non-lift access at Heavenly, such as uphill “skinning”, hiking, snowshoeing, may present high danger of personal injury to participants or others, and therefore may be limited or forbidden based on conditions, on-mountain activity and/or mountain policy. ... Attitash , opens in a new window. While this restriction on pets has been in place at some resorts and is a new policy in others, has been put in place across our company to protect all employees and guests, including the pets themselves. Uphill access, skiers, snowboarders and guests should plan to be heading down the trails so they are off the trails by 8:15am. Uphill Travel Policy - Trail Hotline . Parking for ALL uphill is at Midway Lot. The Uphill travel policy at ski areas often applies to snowshoers as well as skiers and snowboarders. Uphill Travel Policy. Wildcat , opens in a new window. View Uphill Policy. Okemo and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation encourage the use of public lands. Wildcat , opens in a new window. Wildcat , opens in a new window. Winter Uphill Policy Crotched Mountain is committed to safety and the guest experience. Our goal is for visitors to do so while maintaining our commitment to safety and the guest experience here at Okemo. Uphill travel may not begin each afternoon until 30 minutes following closure of the last lift of the day. ... Attitash , opens in a new window. Uphill travel is strictly forbidden when the lifts open (9 a.m. Midweek/Non-holiday, 8:30 a.m. Weekend/Holiday). Uphill & Non-Operating Hours Use Policy Crested Butte Mountain Resort (“CBMR”) and the U.S. Forest Service (“USFS”) encourage use of public lands. Attitash Mountain Resort and Wildcat Mountain Drone Use Policy Drone Policy Due to safety and privacy concerns, Attitash Mountain Resort and Wildcat Mountain prohibit the operation or use on or above Resort property of unmanned aerial systems, or drones, by the general public—including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists. All uphill users must begin return to the base no later than 15 minutes prior to opening of the first lift of the day. Uphill Traffic Policy. Early morning uphill access guests may park in the River Run Gondola Lot (formerly Montezuma) for free. The work taking place makes it unsafe for public use. Earn your turns and ski uphill at CBMR.