O templo é considerado um "nó" na Submáquina tal que todas as camadas de realidade se aproximam tanto que a diferença entre elas é quase imperceptível, exceto por alguns objetos do cenário. No hint other highlight active areas. ¡Jugar a Submachine 4: The Lab es así de sencillo! Список игр. In this game, your main goal is in essence to get out of a weird room filled with old arcade machines, strange computers and what appears to be … We have over 49 of the best Submachine games for you! Created by Mateusz Skutnik, your off on another high quality graphic adventure!. Submachine 9 – The Temple, the latest installment in the most popular Room Escape series ever created, is finally live!. It’s a new Submachine!Seriously, though, Submachine 8: The Plan is a fantastic addition to the series with its multi-dimensional layout and continuation of the whole mythos. [REPLAY] [WEB/DOWNLOAD] Escape from JiG (JayIsGames) is another premium quality point & click room escape game developed by Mateusz Skutnik for JayIsGames and hosted on Itch.io (download), who is also the creator of the famous Submachine games. Have fun! Escape from Jayisgames Шедевр от Матеуша Скутника специально для сайта обзора игр JayIsGames. This is a list of all the games on Mateusz Skutnik's website, mateuszskutnik.com. Main Storyline Submachine 1: The Basement, Submachine 2: The Lighthouse, Submachine 3: The Loop, Submachine 4: The Lab, Submachine 5: The Root, Submachine 6: The Edge, Submachine 7: The Core, Submachine 8: The Plan, Submachine 9: The Temple, Submachine 10: The Exit Each new dimension you jump to has its own beautiful graphic style, accompanied by the haunting music and incidental sounds that create such a chilling atmosphere. Submachine 2: The Lighthouse: A sequel to Mateusz Skutnik's excellent point-and-click adventure series, Submachine 2 will have you mapping out tunnels as you explore the dark recesses of this classic-style Flash game. The Submachine (short for Submerged Machine) series is a series of point-and-click adventure games created by Mateusz Skutnik, first released in September 2005.. Every game focuses on an unidentified character who explores new locations of the "Subnet", which is a broken and distorted reality that features decaying buildings and abandoned structures. Play online for free at Kongregate, including Submachine 10: the Exit, Submachine 7: the Core, and Submachine 8: the Plan 23.525 Partidas jugadas, ¡juega tú ahora! Submachine 0: The Ancient Adventure Submachine 1: The Basement Submachine 2: The Lighthouse Submachine 3: The Loop Submachine 4: The Lab Submachine 5: The Root Submachine 6: The Edge Find the Escape-Men 176: Fishing Pond walkthrough- ピクトさんをさがせ!176 -no1games - Duration: 4:03. escapeskynet 1,890 views Submachine 9:The Temple: O jogador chega ao templo em que foi feito em dedicação a Liz e Mur. Submachine 9, Jayisgames review April 9, 2014 That little prickle on the back of your neck… it’s a combination of wonder and apprehension, and nobody mixes a feeling of awe and the ominous better than Mateusz Skutnik, especially when it comes to his beloved Submachine games. Rated 5 out of 5 by necronik from Similar to Submachine Great game if you like Mateuz Skutnik's games like submachine Point and click. Date published: 2019-06-17. Juega online en Minijuegos a este juego de Puzzles y Rompecabezas. The Submachine series is among the best on the Web, so if you love first-person adventures, ala Myst, don't miss this one. Play the other installments in the series: Main storyline: Submachine 1: the Basement; Submachine 2: the Lighthouse