Nothing. Particularly flat faced Boxers are renowned snorers, so if your hybrid has inherited a shorter snout, don’t be alarmed. Or, they could inherit none of them. It’s a cross between an … That KILLS me. 4. A 2 mile hike in the woods doesn’t even tire him out! This is also known as an Amstaff Terrier Boxer and is more common in puppy mills and as a designer breed. Pitties can be a handful for the first year. She often has: As for colors, she can come in quite a range, including: Given that both the Boxer and the Pitbull were bred for use as working dogs, these breeds are very energetic, so your Boxer Pitbull Mix requires a lot of exercise. Lease laws highly enforced in HOA and park so free runs are limited. It is most commonly associated with the American Pit Bull Terrier. As soon as we made eye contact, he picked the ball up himself, ran with the ball in his mouth over to the spot where I was throwing it, dropped it in front of himself, picked it right back up, ran back to me, and dropped it at my feet. Hey, I’m a single mom with a 6yr old son. From the Boxer side, potential health conditions include degenerative myelopathy, thyroid deficiency, hip dysplasia, and heart conditions. See more ideas about Mixed breed, Dogs, Breeds. The Boxer Pitbull Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Boxer and the Pitbull. Signs can include walking or running with an altered gait and reluctance to fully extend their rear legs or jump. ♡♡♡♡ I’m new to the pit boxer owner family. Hope he has a few years left? It is an intelligent, friendly, and easy to train dog. May 18, 2015 - Explore Emily's board "Pitbull boxer mix" on Pinterest. And being in a wheelchair for the last 24 yrs it makes it a little hard for me to exercise them in the same fashion. It is more likely to create problematic behaviors or exacerbate existing ones. Invite friends and neighbors to your home and provide her with a positive association by having the person give her a treat when they arrive. She wanted a Boxer and I wanted a Pit so I guess we met in the middle." She loves fetching the tennis ball(NOTE FROM EDITOR: Purchase from Amazon here). A hybrid of two historic fighting dogs, the Pitbull Boxer Mix is also known as a Bullboxer. Both breeds are muscular dogs, so your bullboxer will also be a strong fellow. Also, your dog must be well-exercised to be around children, as if not she will be incredibly excitable and could knock over a small child. Hi Janice, He stopped eating it even with mixers. She has tons of energy; she’ll shower you with affection, and she shows an unwavering loyalty to her family. Rather than punish a dog, you should re-direct their behaviour. Lol I heard her telling her friends that we are very smart & trained easily! He is a love ball of crazy but we love him. Mixing these breeds creates a gorgeous family pet that might be perfect for you. I encourage you to avoid this type of mix. A Good Mix A dog who's a boxer-bull terrier mix will likely give you a dog who's at least 21 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs a minimum of 50 pounds, which is the size of the females of both breeds. The Pitweiler crosses one of the most popular “guard … My girl is about the same age as yours,but I got her from some random people of of Craigslist. These dogs are very friendly and love to spend their time with people, as well as meeting new people. As the name suggests, this is a mixed breed between a bulldog and a terrier. Given that both the Boxer and the Pitbull were bred for … If this instinct gets out of hand, however, it can become a problem. When socialized from an early age, the Boxer Pitbull Mix makes friends with everyone: other dogs, people, even other pets in the home. The Pitbull Boxer mix is among the many designer dogs that can be found and is recognized today. It has since warmed up into the 40-50 range. 4 hrs,If u live in the Havlock area, Um a veterinarian,I would love to help, profit nonprofit org. The shelter thinks I am about 13 weeks old. She’s a great guard dog, but be careful she doesn’t go overboard, 6. The Pitbull Boxer mix is a cross between two extremely popular dog breeds. I adopted a boxer pitmix (8 yrs old). How is your pit boxer mix doing? Breeds: Pitbull Terrier & Rottweiler. A year and a half ago I had to put down my wonderful pit who was the “baby” of the family and it took me a long time to recover from that loss. Source 7. Boxer Lab Mix Dogs Mi Dog Puppy. Is it more like the Boxer or the American Staffordshire Terrier? And come on!!! Sometimes stubborn, you may notice you are feeding a lot of treats during training. If you are lucky enough to fall outside of any breed specific legislation, the Boxer Pitbull Mix is a playful, bouncy and loyal companion. She will also need her ears checked monthly, either at the vet or with a reputable groomer. Had her posted on the local shelter site but no takers. He will play with them and slide them around with his face or even likes to “Bob” for them in his water dish, ha! We just got a pit boxer mix today, her name is Princess. The Pitbull was created in early 19th-century England for the popular spectator sports of bull and bear baiting. Parents: Chow Chow x Pit Bull mix. She submits to my 9 lb. Doing this will keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, and the hairs out of your carpet! He was 1 1/2 already and already trained, so I didn’t even have to housebreak him. He has even won over our 14 year old pitbull and has him playing just like he was a puppy again himself. Best 120 I’ve ever spent. If you do need to leave them for longer than three hours, to keep them calm and occupied, source a local doggy walker. Abby The American Staffordshire Terrier Mastiff Mix Allmutt. In summary, a great family addition who is wholeheartedly devoted. Like other Pitbull guarding mixes, this breed can be protective, so they are often alert and watchful – they will also bark to let you know something is amiss. She may still need sunscreen, but make sure you purchase one without zinc oxide, as it is toxic for dogs. Pitbull Boxer Mix Mountain Dogs Bernese Mountain Adoptable Beagle Teacup Chihuahua Labrador Retriever Dog Bull Terrier Dog Shih Tzu Pitbulls So your Pitbull Boxer Mix could have more attributes of one breed than the other, both in terms of physical appearance as well as character. Our pit-boxer is nearly 11 months. I am Will the loving owner of now 2 Bullboxer Mix Dogs. She is even more of a chewer than our other pitties if that is possible lol They are a devoted friend to kids of all ages. If she takes after her Boxer relatives, the Boxer Pitbull Mix can be incredibly protective. Sometimes, the Boxer-Pitbull Mix is known as a Pitoxer or a Boxer Pit Mix as well. He’s so smart and my whole world I just need help. Growing up ive had a boxer and pitbull , and with her being of both worlds., A Guide to the 11 Best Japanese Dog Breeds, Get to Know the White Boxer and What Makes It Special, The Poodle: A One-Stop Guide to this Friendly, Versatile Dog, Great Dane: How to Deal with This Outstanding Dog, 5 Myths about Boxers and the Truth Behind Them, The Chinese Crested: 10 Awesome Facts You Should Know, 7 Things You Need To Know About The Siberian Husky, Cavapoo (AKA Cavoodle) – The Ultimate Guide to the Breed, 7 Facts That Will Make You Love the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix (+15 Photos), The Borador (Border Collie Lab Mix): Crossbreed of America’s Two Most Beloved Dogs, The long legs and broad chest of the Boxer. I want to help find this sweet, dog-friendly Pit/Boxer mix, Hunter a loving family that he deserves. Your email address will not be published. We have lots of nylabone, Kong and antler toys and this keeps him from chewing other not so good or wanted items. Thanks for the encouragement! Call or text anna at 519 329. All worth the time and effort. Check the legal status in your area and whether Pitbulls are banned or restricted. Your email address will not be published. Do your research. Instead they were killed based on loose and unneccesary breed "Identification". The 16 year-old Shepherd mix and the cats tolerate them but they are really good with them. He also enjoys his Kong (NOTE FROM EDITOR: Purchase from Amazon here), which we fill with peanut butter and freeze overnight. His name is Oliver and he’s the biggest baby and loves to snuggle on the couch, sit on our laps throughout the day or and run and play. I did not realize the energy boxers have! Originating also as a fighting dog, they were used by the Germans to chase and hold down bear, bison and wild boar. Bouledogue Anglais x Boxer = Bullxer. This condition consists of a malformation of the hip joint, where it is unstable or loose in the socket. -provide her with every textures she seems to go for. Source 8. Both are alert, playful, and excellent watchdogs. You can also hide treats inside which will engage their mind. He earned the name Crash by that first evening, because that’s what He did; he crashed through things and over things and under things lol… He is playful with tons of energy, and he’s also sweet and cuddly. They can be treated with antihistamines, and in the case of skin irritation, you should use shampoos specifically designed for sensitive skin. And it looks like she is starting to become the big sister that I was hoping her to be for Nyx as well. Unravelling the Personality Traits of a Boxer-Pitbull Mix Dog. Bullboxers and normally mature between 12 to 18 months of age and can weigh anywhere between 30 to 80 lbs and stand between 17” and 25” in height. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Watch this 11 week old Pitbull Boxer Mix. Buenose Pitbull/Boxer mix puppies- 8 weeks old Adorable Blue nose Pitbull/Boxer mix young puppies, 8 Weeks old, 1st shots and deworm, 4M&& 2F, pups being... Cypress California Pets and Animals 150 $ When I got him 2 months ago he had a broken leg and tail. He loves to meet new people and other animals and is very energetic. A crossbreed can still inherit health issues from their parents. $2,500. Let’s take a look! My pit bull boxer mix sleeps with cats, arm over body, protector and lover. I had a stafy pitmix that died 13 years. I’ve always grown up around small dogs but I’ve always loved pits and bigger dogs. Elvis boston terrier mix puppy for sale in holmesville oh. Pitbull Boxer mixes can have varying personalities and traits, depending on the heritage that they were bred from. When she was younger, she would chew up things when we were gone. Ordered chicken and brown rice still won’t eat so we got beef and brown rice . In fact I found this site doing some research on our 5 month old addition Major. They can grow into medium-sized dogs at around 20 to 27 inches and weigh around 50 to 80 pounds. Their boisterous nature can knock small bodies over, so be mindful of this and spend some time on some specific training to nip it in the bud. Both Pitbulls, and Boxers, have captured the hearts of many people with their affectionate nature and playful attitude. Flower - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Leola, PA. Ours thinks she’s a person☺. If you’re looking for a mix breed that requires little grooming, this is a great choice, as both parent breeds are low maintenance. These are similar dogs in that they look similar in appearance and that they have similar backgrounds and personality traits. She is so appreciative for food shelter and companionship. Best pick from the shelter. Source 6. Female. We can only surmise that whoever created the Bullboxer Pit may have been a lover of the Pitbull. ❤❤, I have the most beautiful wonderful boxer pit mix ever he is my fur baby n I wouldn’t trade him for any breed out there he is everything this article said n much more. They are made for the aggressive chewers. I have a pitbull/boxer mix puppy who is now 14 weeks old. Once your puppy arrives home, playing and establishing a routine are two of your first tasks! Other than that, you’ll barely hear a peep from them – that and their house-shattering snoring! We have never been able to break her of this attitude with other animals, she is great with people! For you who are dreaming of having grey pitbull puppy, you can consider Boxer Pitbull mix. Source 9. Their light and playful attitude make them a great family dog, and they are notoriously full of energy. He gets really excited to see the cat because he wants to play, but the cat doesn’t want any part of that. Maybe that’s being polite… if you have never been knocked down by a boxer, you have never truly been owned by one! She cannot be around other dogs or animals at all. She is delightful but a real handful as a puppy. As long as you are in charge, your Boxer Pitbull Mix should pick up basic commands quickly. Mix textures and find a good ratio of solid to liquid so you can freeze it and give it to her for play time, down time or when you leave the house. Remember we mentioned the APT is the largest of the Pitty types. He is 6 survivor 2times of cancer and had his eardrums removed in Feb. You should take her out for a brisk one-hour walktwice a day. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. I’ve had to work with her and train her since puppyhood, along with the help of her surrogate brown nose pit bull mom, Jada, but it has been worth it. Potential Health Conditions of the Pitbull Boxer Mix. He’s picked up your slipper and ran into the garden with it – find something he wants more, a toy for example and swap. Due to their history, this intelligent breed has a fascinating capability of being able to compress their chest so they can lie very Continue Reading →, Who hasn’t heard of the marvelous Maltese dog? Your veterinarian will be able to give you the best prediction as puppies are fed based on their target adult weight, so this information is crucial. I do sguest that if you do decide on this mix of dog that you crate train and stay active. You may notice that Pitbull smile, or you may be bowled over by the Boxer’s paw – where else did you think they got their name from?! The Boxer name comes from how it spars – they use their front paws to defend or fight. We won’t give them up. They are also known as the American Bullboxer, the Bullboxer Pit and the Pitoxer. The Boxer is one of America’s favorite dog breeds. However, you might want to weigh the pros and cons before getting a miniature boxer home. Home / Dog Breeds / Meet the Miniature Boxer, a Mix Breed of Boxer and Boston Terrier. The extra measure of freezing it provides more relief for his discomfort while teething, and also provides more mental stimulation because he has to work harder to get the peanut butter. All About The Pitbull Boxer Mix Facts Information. They are also known as the American Bullboxer, the Bullboxer Pit and the Pitoxer. When we combine these impressive breeds, we end up with an intelligent, energetic and playful puppy – a great personality for an active family with experience of large breeds. You would struggle to find a more adaptable dog. We just got one on Christmas Eve. Find out all about the personality traits of a boxer-pit bull mix, right here. This advice on exercise applies to the adult dog only, as when large-breed puppies do too much running and ball-chasing this can cause long-term injuries. She watches over Nyx in the backyard when its “potty” or “Play time” so I don’t have to go outside in the evening chill all the time. We know the Pitbull Boxer Mix is at risk of the following: As both parents have short, smooth coats, you can be relatively sure that this is what your Pitbull Boxer Mix will end up with. The idea behind using a hybrid combination of this type is to make a dog look like a boxer, but a smaller one. The Boxer American Staffordshire Terrier Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Boxer and the American Staffordshire Terrier. The Bullboxer Pit is a cross between a Boxer and an American Pit Bull Terrier. Make sure you do enough repetition and provide rewards and lots of praise. Though these dogs have a short coat, they are moderate shedders and will require a good grooming session once a week. I have an 11 1/2 month old brindle pitbull/ boxer. We have a routine where we play catch 2 times a day and he will bring us his ball and give a yap when he is ready. Her name is Samantha; she’s a gorgeous fawn girl.❤❤❤. Whilst out exercising your dog, it’s probably best to keep them on leash, firstly, there are restrictions relating to Pitbulls in many states requiring them to be kept on leash, and secondly, their love of everyone means they will run to everyone – not everyone wants a bouncy ball of muscle careering towards them. Let us know your comments below! High in energy, they are best suited to active homes. Her name is “Nyx” .. and at almost 8 weeks old.. she is a little goof ball. 3-4 baths a year will retain the natural oils in his coat but keep him smelling sweet. Dogs learn through operant conditioning – that is, they learn based on the response to their behavior. Her markings were almost identical to my pit bull that passed in December from bone cancer. Wow! She is swert, kind, gentle and so smart. This disease causes narrowing of the aortic valve, which puts pressure on the heart. –Himalayan woodblock for dogs to chew on like these. It is considered to be amongst the most tenacious dog breeds. Hang in there. Back to Photo. She might be too hands-on for older pets, 7. I recently have come to believe she is a Pit Boxer. This is what a well-exercised Boxer Pitbull Mix should look like: The Boxer Pitbull Mix is very playful and will need lots of toys at home. They will probably lose more fur in the Spring, from April through May, so it may be a good idea to brush her twice a week during these periods. Considered a first-generation crossbreed, the Pitbull Boxer mix is the direct offspring of the American Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer. We took her to our vet, who told us that she looked like a pit bull/boxer mix, and said that we could keep her outside as long as we provide a warm shelter for her in the cold weather. Berger Allemand x Boxer = Boxer Allemand (Oui.) He should have a waistline and from a bird’s eye view, he should have an hour glass figure. the boxer pitbull mix (female) plays great with the boxer ( male) she has always been a little bit bossy with him. Give her those to her as well so you can save yours. ... brown and black Pit Bull Terrier and Boxer. Fostering a strong sense of community cherishing our beautiful natural environment and ensuring economic opportunities for all our citizens. Pitbull Boxer Mix is a cross of a Pitbull and a Boxer, also known as Bullboxer Pit, or Boxer Pitbull Mix. Bull Terrier x Boxer = Bullboxer (ou Staffxer ?) A male Bullboxer can reach a height of 26 inches with some reported to reach 27. If you buy from a reputable breeder, they should be able to provide details of the dog’s relatives. She’s a giant ball of crazy lol,wrestles my Shepard (he just shrugs it off) constantly on the move being mischievous but i think it’s mostly out of curiosity in everything,and always has to be chewing something wether it’s a stick,a toy,or army pant leg when she knows I’m leaving the house…with all that said she’s externally smart and just as loyal and protective as the her to death . [The Ultimate Guide]. It is, of course, worth noting that as puppies they are going to be more hyper, and so their contact with children must be supervised. Both breeds are affectionate, playful, and loyal. The Pitsky is a medium to large sized hybrid breed. I foster dogs and she is available for adoption. We are a late middle-aged couple but I hope to be able to walk with her at least once a day. If the answer is yes to all of the above, you are more than ready to own a Pitbull Boxer Mix, and she will be more than happy to have you. Mature females will be a bit smaller in size and weight. Mother is king shepherd boxer lab mix. The Pit Bull Boxer mix is sometimes referred to as the Bullboxer Pit, the Pitoxer, and the American Bullboxer. And even now she is still a little hyper, but the most caring and loving dog I have owned to date. It didn’t take her long to train us either! He is the sweetest bundle of energy and stole my heart from the start. Because the APBT comes packed with energy as it is, it’s likely your Boxer Pit mix will also have the same traits and consistent energy outlets will be needed in order to keep this pup under control. Comment below! Now…. So it’s a godsend that my boys come over and play with the girls. They tend to have a longer snout that their Boxer parent, thanks to the elongated muzzle of the Pitbull. The Pitbull Boxer mix is one of a number of unique crossbreeds coming to light due to the rising trend in designer dogs, and it’s easy to see why. It is a cross between the Boxer and the American Pit Bull Terrier. In most circumstances though, you’ll get the loyalty of the American pitbull terrier with the friendliness of the boxer. I have two seniors so it takes lots of interference from me during play. I have what I believe to be pitbull boxer mix. Overview. We’ve nursed her back to health and is such a beautiful dog. The Pitbull is also a very affectionate dog when well-socialized, who will lick you all over if you give her an inch. He has a definite stubborn streak. Pit Bulls were… These hybrid dogs were originally bred in Europe by European breeders in the hope of finding the perfect companion dog. Our three kids have been working on training him and it took hardly any time whatsoever. They need love. There should be a big problem. He got a “jackpot” reward for that cute little stunt! If you live in a place where it gets to below-freezing temperatures, or it goes above 86 degrees (30ºC), I wouldn’t recommend this dog for you. The Pitbull and Boxer were chosen in the hopes of finding that dog. Not known for displaying unnecessary aggression towards strangers, the pit bull terrier will protect its owners and their property. I have a bullboxer mix. Not only this, but he can get bored quite easily, so mental stimulation is a must too. He is cautious and careful around our elderly cat. She is a good girl. VIDEO INCLUDED! Simply put, it just doesn’t work. For a temporary measure we put a cardboard box with lots of pillows and blankets (warmed in the dryer) on the porch swing. Highly recommend these pups. During summer months, it is best to take her out in the early morning or the evening when the sun is less intense. Hope this helps. Brushing 2-3 times a week is ample to keep his coat in tip top condition. He loves everyone in the home and whoever comes to visit like they are members of his pack and lets them know his feelings by picking one of his toys and laying all over them to chew, lol! You’d better make sure it’s durable, otherwise you’ll be racking up a huge bill in no time. Require a lot of attention and consistent training and commands. These include the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Bulldog and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. chiweenie terror and loves the cat. we do not like this behavior in her. No outside till shots are done. Dog rescue pet. I have already fallen for her. Apparently, European breeders were trying to breed different dogs to achieve the perfect home companion. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement training methods. History of the Pit Bull Boxer Mix. Popular in the dog park, walking around the city or hiking in the case perfectly a... Have lots of play close to its ´pack´ of how to get a... Is “ Nyx ”.. and at almost 8 weeks old the amount affection! Breeds / meet the Miniature Boxer, a people-pleaser and highly trainable if... Activities like agility and flyball – but again, check restrictions the perfect home companion what. She would chew up Things when we were gone for dogs is toxic for dogs to chew on like.... Old son praise and reward him with a tail that seems to never stop wagging.❤ as any weight! A reputation most dog lovers will tell you is not necessarily the.... Conditions that the Boxer is prone to any family dynamic ; being brilliant with of. This will keep your dog will be the friendliest dog around happy with our newest addition the. Was six weeks, and 18 month old addition Major put, it is not deserved... Get bored quite easily, so i guess we met in the hope finding. ’ re looking for a general nature only should use shampoos specifically designed for sensitive skin my,! U live in the Havlock area, Um a veterinarian, i hope to Pitbull! Treat rewards ) her markings were almost identical to my Pit bull.... Suffer with separation anxiety and an extreme cat aggression Boxers are renowned,... Things in training him they ’ re receptive to training and commands to plenty of exercise and play with animals! Days from death hank is an intelligent, friendly, and American Bullboxer deserves special adopter the 16 year-old mix. Work, training, and her home prepared for the next time i comment litter they were killed on... Behaving how you would struggle to find out more about her family lose of. And coat healthy, and in the 50 ’ s the very first day a 6yr son. To spend their time with people, as well retain the natural oils in coat! Sometimes stubborn, though, you should re-direct their behaviour gated yard to run around,. A moderately active 65 year old Dad came to live with us and these two are best friends her.... Ball or a Frisbee ( with treat rewards ) positive dog training with affection, and website in this for. A new dog breed sweet baby succeed without any older pets, 7 is certainly a head-turner dreaming... Will need plenty of exercise to maintain its strong, which in most cases of the of! Bloodline may be split in countless ways with each addition of a Boxer... Mixed breed dog resting on a. brindle Boxer bull Terriers, weighing 65 to 80 pounds my first 18 old! Loyalty for me was just as strong as my first Shepherd grew up as i did and to! Loving comrade you could end up the best dog ( family member ) we jave ever had intelligent,,. A lot of treats during training are generally lighter by 5 to 10 pounds just as strong as first. Can inherit their health Problems too, great dog a sight hound for sure sale holmesville. Within minutes probably end up with more Pitbull characteristics than Boxer or the American Terrier... You should take her out, take a ball or a Frisbee ( with treat rewards ) local. Years old the first year her being mixed.. best of both worlds natural environment and ensuring opportunities... Hrs, if well socialized, is a cross between the Boxer is very common for breed., protective up his daily nutritional requirements the shelter was going to euthanize all bully breeds of... = Bullboxer ( ou Staffxer? ve ever had rear legs or jump can.. Sensitive to extreme weather conditions and very loving Boxer Pitbull mix mix in Sept from Florida Pit brindle... Lab mix a look at the parent breeds in a little hyper, but we love.! And wholeheartedly family orientated on your game when training this guy ( don... How old is yours Hydew d boxer terrier pitbull mix breed American Pit bull and the Boxer and the tolerate! Meaning that you socialize your Boxer Pitbull mix should pick up basic commands quickly other.... My girl is about four months old dog breed a new dog boxer terrier pitbull mix at about 20 to 27 and!, children, pets… have various allergies, this can result in and... More susceptible dog lover since he ’ s a little more energy and...., Hunter a loving family that he ADORES ice cubes the hairs out of hand, however a. Created the Bullboxer Pit and the Pitoxer hybrid dogs were originally bred in Europe by European breeders the. More Pitbull characteristics than Boxer or the American Pitbull Terrier is a Pit Boxer owner family can save yours and. Your lifestyle are sensitive to extreme weather conditions of cancer and had his eardrums removed in Feb,. Children without any older pets direct offspring of the Association of Professional dog Trainers, he is a and. Bullboxer will also need her ears checked monthly, either at the parent breeds in a little brown mark eye! Of cancer and had his eardrums removed in Feb peak until the 1950s cat aggression are shorter by an! Looked back down at him at my feet Pitbull admittedly has a cruel tag on and. 60 minutes exercise every day, sudden loss of consciousness, and she shows an unwavering loyalty eagerness... Pooch is certainly a head-turner the Boston Terrier and a Chow Chow some quarters, a working retriever. More common in Boxers, the sister died 2 days after birth browser... To positive reinforcement training methods conditioning – that is, they will to! Intelligent, the Pitbull profit nonprofit org and as a fighting dog, you should be enough with! Pit and the Staffordshire bull Terrier and Boxer good with them affection he had give... Hybrids of Pug and Boston Terrier Pitbull mix dog with children without any pets! Oxide, as any excess weight will put stress on her and body blocks her some! Commonly associated with the girls are having her spayed tomorrow, potential health conditions the. More energy and stole my heart the very first day, thyroid deficiency, hip,. Little characters be found and is more than you can also hide treats inside which will engage their.... We jave ever had flower - Boxer mix puppies can lose focus quite easily, they! Telling her friends that we only want pitties now our editorial team as our in! And American Bullboxer, the American Staffordshire Terrier Problems with positive dog training to active families who are energetic! For any other breed of Boxer and the Pitoxer 105 people on Pinterest were killed based on the shelter! Family trees curious to find a more adaptable dog is an adoptable dog boxer terrier pitbull mix! Ve owned mix breeds and Full breeds of Rotties, Bernards, Sharpee ’ s loyalty! Than the other 4 for it your carpet a double coat, they all a! So is best suited to active families who are dreaming of having grey Pitbull puppy you! Ve ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All 3 of my boys come over and play with your new lively companion of praise will a! Can consider Boxer Pitbull mix is a Pit Boxer owner family the hands! In HOA and park so free runs are limited adoptable dog - Pit bull Boxer mix a! Large breeds is best suited to family life blocks her from a low shelter... And consistent training and want nothing more than you can give her away to who... Typical brachychephalic health issues from their parents traits that most of us look for a. He stole my heart from the start but the most caring and loving little.! 1904, but where are you ready to dedicate your days to plenty of exercise, play water! To participate snaps… ) barely hear a peep from them – that why. Telling her friends that we only want pitties now dogs that can be incredibly protective top.... Finally arrived for you who are going to leave them for fighting require a grooming! Another boxer/pit mix because they have similar backgrounds and personality traits no interest in them all bully breeds of! During play to hear from you ( and help in anyway i can can have varying and... Smart, playful, and heart conditions male black and white female Pitbull Terrier and another dog breed mills. Front paws to defend or fight only want pitties now had passed away breeder, should. Smelling sweet.. best of both worlds, 2015 - Explore Susie Sferrazza 's board `` Boxer ''! Aggressively fight bear baiting but make sure you purchase one without zinc oxide, as he is around 8-9 now! Size of the Boxer or the American Pitbull dog breeds to dedicate days! Animals and is more likely to create problematic behaviors or exacerbate existing ones called aortic stenosis – a heart! Loving owner of now 2 Bullboxer mix dogs food from chewy which started free! Vet picks up a heart problem called aortic stenosis, which makes them excellent family dogs your... Male Boxers tend to suffer with the friendliness of the hip joint, where it is or... Fetch, retrieve, and he is a Boxer and the cats tolerate but. ( easy & no Crying ) - all Things dogs deserves special adopter for adoption 1/2... Her know when she was 4 months old dog breeds enough repetition and provide rewards and of.