Click on common or scientific name to go to species page. The genus (Platycephalus) is derived from the Latin platy, meaning flat and cephalus, meaning head. Scientific name: Puntius denisonii Also known as : Bleeding Eye Barb, Denison’s Flying Fox, Red Comet Barb, Red Line Barb, Red Lined Torpedo Fish, Roseline Shark, Torpedo Barb, Miss Kerala Adult size : 6 inches/15 centimeters Scientific Names of the Most Common Animals and Plants Phylum Echinodermata- Characteristics And Classifications Phylum Arthropoda – Characteristics & Classification Of Arthropoda Common names should be given in parentheses at the first mention of the species or genus. People that are not scientists use common names. The scientific name of a species is usually presented in Latin, and often relates to a distinctive aspect of its body form. Most people call them by their common name, blue whale, while scientists use the scientific name, Balaenoptera musculus.. Aerial view of a blue whale. The species name, fuscus, refers to this fish Information on purchasing licenses, permits, tags and other … Click on family name to go to family page. Common Name: Scientific Name: Type: Family: Thumb: Amberjack, greater: Seriola dumerili: jacks: Carangidae: Anchovy, bay: Anchoa … Scientific names may be used in some places and common names in others if this makes sense in the context of the paper (for an example, see R. F. Stearley … Scientific Name: Parachanna obscura Common Name: Snake Head This is a very popular fish in the Northern part of Nigeria, it is called the snakehead because of its shape which looks like a snake, the fish actually looks like a snake, it has scales on the body and its skin looks like that of a snake. The scientific name of each species is made up of a genus name (Balaenoptera) and a specific species name … Rabbitfish, any of about 25 species of fishes constituting the family Siganidae (order Perciformes), found in shallow tropical marine waters from the Red Sea to Tahiti. They live in areas near shore or around reefs and graze on algae and other plants. Scientific Name: Notemigonus crysoleucas Fairfax County Native: Probably, but widespread use as a bait minnow has expanded its range considerably Size: 7 inches, rarely to 10 inches Diet: Terrestrial and aquatic insects, plant matter Distribution sampling sites: Map The Brown Trout, scientific name Salmo trutta, is a species of fish that is a salmon and a member of the family Salmonidae family of ray-finned fish that includes trout, salmon, chars, graylings and whitefish. Adults of this species can grow to be up to 39 inches in length and weight 44 pounds depending on where they live. Currently, the following databases are connected: Australian Fish Names Standard® AS SSA 5300-2009, CEC 1993, Danish Plant Name List 2003, eBASIS/EuroFIR Nettox Plant List … Bass, in zoology, any of a large number of fishes, many of them valued for food or sport.The name bass covers a range of fishes, but most are placed in three families of the order Perciformes: Serranidae, including approximately 400 species of sea bass and grouper; Moronidae, sometimes considered a subfamily of the … For example, the Dusky Flathead’s scientific name is Platycephalus fuscus. 9.15 Scientific names may be used throughout such papers, including in the title. SciName Finder™ is a search tool for scientific/common (vernacular) names of plants and animals written by Anders Møller, Danish Food Information. CDFW is temporarily closing its high public use areas, including visitor centers and license counters, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).Before heading to a CDFW facility, contact the regional headquarters office to determine if that facility is open. Click on column title to sort by that column. Most rabbitfish are olive or brown in colour Mouse over thumbnail for larger thumbnail. For example, the blue whale is known by two names.