No difference. Page 1 Truma UltraRapid Hot Water System LPG and 230 V / 240 V Electric Storage Water Heater Operating instructions Page 4 Installation instructions Page 8 To be kept in the vehicle! He said to run the heater from a battery separate from the caravan feed as a test which worked.   Your link has been automatically embedded. If you are lacking heat, by searching the Web, I found that there are several problems that seem to afflict these heaters 1) Relays not working: My … This document is part of the water heater.   You cannot paste images directly. The room temperature sensor in the vehicle (17) measures the air temperature in the vehicle. If (as seems fairly likely) the Truma appliance that won't light on gas is a 'combination' air/water heater, then there's no point checking whether or not a separate water-heater works, as there won't be one. There was hot water throughout the day and evening. Inside the heat exchanger are additional 1800 W electric heating elements (12). They are fed to the atmosphere via the exhaust cowl (4). Next I removed the gas heater as gas wasn't piped in. 18 HDF thermal jacket. Your description of operating the control-switch suggests that your motorhome is fitted with a Truma Ultrastore water-boiler, either a B10 (10 litres capacity) model or a B14. It can only be a few things if the heater isn't bust. Hi I have a truma ultrastore gas and electric hot water boiler/tank 10ltr today the red light came on the controller as if to say the gas has run out. When the connection to earth has warmed up with the heater on it goes high resistance and the unit "fails". 2007 Bailey Series 5 Senator Arizona (4 berth, rear bathroom, side dinette) towed by a 57 Kia Sorento XS Auto with Kumho KL17 tyres. There was a vehicle parked next to us, but think it was already there when it was working ok. Will visit the van in storage this week and try it on gas again just to see how it goes.   Pasted as rich text. Truma AquaGo® LP Gas Instant Water Heater Model: Truma AquaGo® basic (DLE60B) * Truma AquaGo® comfort (DLE60C) * * Patent Pending Truma AquaGo® comfort plus (DLE60CP) * Sales and Service Truma Corp. 825 East Jackson Blvd. Tyron Bands. 2007 Bailey Series 5 Senator Arizona (4 berth, rear bathroom, side dinette) towed by a 57 Kia Sorento XS Auto with Kumho KL17 tyres, Reich Mover, Kampa Rally 390, Caravan Tyres : GT Radial Maxmiler CX 185/80 R14 102R. The problem is gas is not going to the truma boiler. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Internet connected via 3 dongle Windows 7. The cable does not have to be high current and I found this after following the advice of a Truma engineer. Heard the normal click and the the 'buzzing' of the gas igniting. Carpe Diem . ... We reconnected and had power but the heater is no longer heating water up or pumping out hot air, although the fan is working. 9 Flame tube with baffle The Truma AquaGo instant water heater is connected between the vehicle's fresh water supply and its hot water system. What they like, dislike, reliability, cost, and whether they would purchase it again. Now plug in the plug - no need to switch on any 13 amp socket as the earth is always conected. When I tried to put the gas back on it would just click and then the red light would come on. Truma AquaGo AU LP Gas Instant Water Heater. I was getting 240 volts to the main block on the heater, but it was not heating. Had the same problem about 2 months ago took to my caravan dealer and they found it was a faulty circuit board the price of a new board was abouy £123 plus fitting plus vat hopes this helps Regards Mike, 2013(13) Sorento KX2 2. :( Hi ..Have the above water heater on my Bailey Pageant Monarch S7. I immediately turned the switch off. Tyron Bands. My Cascade water heater pops when it needs a service. Year 2009 .Works perfect on electric.70 deg..However when I try to heat water on GAS the gas lights for about 5 seconds then trips out . Check for gas or electrical supply issues. Eventually after much head scratching they apparently found the wire feeding 12v(+ ? Truma Ultrastore BGE 10 Gas & Electric Caravan 10 Litre Water Heater. LR Freelander 2 XS SD4 2. ..110 amp Battery+ 65 watt roof mounted Solar and 25 watt Wind Turbine. 2 Diesel Manual, (With smelling clutch) Glittering Metal (Metallic Grey) dragging a 2020 Coachman VIP 520 with a Powrtouch Evolution Motor Mover (Towing @ 80. Fused spur Switched off, fuse gone. I think I am fighting a losing battle, but just want to check everything before I have to call out and pay for an engineer. 0Lt Ford Mondeo Titanium X 130PS (metric hp) TDCI Auto Estate. If not then it could be 'the' blocked regulator problem !? 4 Combined combustion air/exhaust cowl There was hot water throughout the day and evening. Having had time to investigate, I have further information. Turned the gas back on and it made no difference. Did the other gas appliances work, ie the oven or the hob ? By Safefill Fitted. No I know the temperature of the water is no where near 60. Left it for 10 minutes and tried again. If they seem to be malfunctioning as well, check the main regulator pressure. When I switch on the water heater the green and red light come on together (no time delay) Gas full and on, other gas items working OK, Battery fully charged. Did the same again and 10 second later the red light was on. Truma water heater not working on electric. No code, other than with the hot water shortly after its on I get two quick, a space, two quick, a space, and then it continues this same pattern. Powered by Invision Community. meadowsweet Decided to purge the hole system of gas so turned off the bottles and let the gas run out of the lit hob. Reich Mover, Kampa Rally 390, Caravan Tyres : Fishing, Photography, Motor Sports, Caravanning, caravaning safari caravans fishkeeping r/c model boats. Apparently it is meant to work … I have tried to restart the system, there is no red light and can’t figure out where I’ve gone wrong. Started 6 hours ago, By Old Truma Gas Heater not working. We had a similar problem with our Truma. Went back to the van to try again. You don't state wheather you were on an EHU at any of the times you tested the heater but I assumed you weren't ! Likely the importer's gas certifier required it be disconnected from heater. Heard the normal click and the the 'buzzing' of the gas igniting. The new Truma Portal and the new Mediacenter is online. When the appliance is switched on, the burner starts automatically as soon as the hot water faucet is opened and the flow of the water is greater than … NO, I don’t fix caravan heaters – but to help you here is how I fixed mine. There's no need to be on an EHU as the earths are all bonded ( or should be) together. TrickyT, 14 Stainless steel water container,10 litres   Your previous content has been restored. The warm water connection pipe (15) connects the Truma Combi with the hot water lines in the kitchen and bathroom. 1 Control panel $975 for a 14 litre hot water unit for the RV against $1400 for 315 litre electric /solar hot water unit.I have considered changing to another brand of unit ,but that will require new gas work and cutting a bigger hole in the side of the motor home that may not hide the existing hole. Restore formatting, × ,CT. Ninja (Hon) Flies the flag. © 2021 - Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG Putzbrunn, Truma heaters for caravans and motor homes, Truma iNet System: smart appliance control, Your career with Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH. Phone: +1 (855) 558-7862 Fax: +1 (574) 538-2426. The heater is connected to the gas supply of the vehicle via the gas connection (2). As a start you could try taking the plastic cover off and vacuuming the gauze, then take the metal burner cover off and see what's resting on the burner itself, if anything. LED lighting. Display as a link instead, × This is the sort of issue I used to get in telecoms all the while. Filled up the water system and turned on the gas for the water heater. The Winnebago ERA 170M has a Truma Combi RV tankless water heater installed. rized service partners. Safefill Fitted. Steam Railways Photography Classical Music Fishing. The next morning the water was 'tepid' checked the water heater and the red light had come on. Had a service engineer have a look at the water heater. or - ? First I tried the Truma decalcification tablets, that did not work (had to try it but I thought the system quit to abruptly). I can hear the ignition working but it will not light. The Truma AquaGo instant water heater is connected between the vehicle's fresh water supply and its hot water system. Luckily we have a generator for emergencies so heated the water on that. 12 Electric heating elements Status Aerial 315. 10 Combustion air fan Heater works on electric (via generator). To enjoy all the benefits of the new portal, you need to re-register. Contact Us Can you confirm the ball park cost of the repair? Take the other end of the cable to the battery negative terminal and test to see if the flame will stay alight. When it has cooled down and you try to relight, you don't hear the opening of the gas valve until the knob is turned past 60. So I checked the cooker in the van and all burners worked so there is gas in the bottle. When the van was serviced they did a check and could not find any issues. If your HWS runs on gas, your other gas-powered appliances can give you a clue as to whether gas is reaching your system. Then follow the power round to the heater and where the power stops is the problem. After 10 seconds the red light came straight on, did not even fire up. Holidays across the channel - from 1 January 2021. LED lighting. The water temperature is also measured by internal temperature sensors. If the regulator is getting blocked the first I noticed was the gas rings running at low pressure. If it's a calm day you could ask someone inside the van to switch the heater on, watch the ignition spark and see what colour flame you have over the burner. Loose chattels marked with UV,.Reich Move Control, . When I turn the gas on when the water heater is cold, it 'normally' fires up. The gas boiler has excellent insulation to ensure that almost no heat is lost. 7 Ignition electrode Cold water is pumped from the freshwater tank via the cold water connection pipe (16). The gas burner, which has two ignition electrodes (7) and a flame rectification electrode, ignites the gas-air mixture in the combustion chamber (8). 6 Gas burner Started 2 hours ago, Copyright Alphaquad Ltd Nick J This time it took 10 seconds for the red light to come on. 2 Gas connection 2 Auto Indus Silver, Border Collie and ES Spaniel (with nothing between its ears). Not Much Money but we do see life. When the appliance is switched on, the burner starts automatically as soon as the hot water faucet is opened and the flow of the water is greater than … Enjoying life in the slower "retired" lane. The gas supply to the heater is controlled via the solenoid valve (3). ..110 amp Battery+ 65 watt roof mounted Solar and 25 watt Wind Turbine. I found the remote sensor wire (option) was fitted to the control box thermostat and was tied to the base of the gas heater. A Truma ‘combi’, in water-heating-only mode, does not use a lot of gas and, if all the burners of, say, a 3-burner gas hob, will operate at full blast, it can be assumed that there’s adequate gas in the bottle and that the regulator is OK. The heater is started and the desired temperature for heating and hot water is set on the Truma Combi LCD control panel (1). In the Truma boiler (gas), a powerful gas burner heats the water in your caravan or motor home quickly – completely without a power supply. But the fault has come back. We have a Truma 14 L 240V gas HWS in our motor home, has never given us any problems, operates in either mode first time every time. More often than not, hot water systems stop working because of a fault in the gas or power supply. Have just got back from a steam rally over the weekend and have had an issue of heating the water on gas. Did anyone escape in their caravan for New Year? Had exactly the same problem with my 'van when it was brand new, the dealer tried allsorts to resolve it, even resorting to fitting a new boiler. It wouldn't work despite leaving several minutes before relighting. They can be used to heat water and/or warm air alternatively or additionally. I checked the gas, which there was plenty, and the battery which was ok. 0%). The heater is started and the desired temperature for heating and hot water is set on the Truma Combi LCD control panel (1). If not will get in contact with an approved service center. It's been one year since Izzy and MJ at Endless RVing upgraded their RV water heater to the Truma AquaGo. Can anyone give any advice before I get an expert in to look at it. They did a few tests, but got the same results as me. Because of the eccentric shape of the water container, the warm water circulates, which ensures optimum mixing of the water and better thermal stratification. The warm air is then distributed in the vehicle via four warm air outlets (13). 4. Clear editor. Truma Corp 2800 Harman Dr Elkhart, IN 46514 USA. The pilot flame works so there is gas available to it and obviously the spark is working as the pilot flame comes on. 2. The AquaGo water heater worked one weekend, and then the next nothing. Gas ok, 2 bottles with an automatic changeover. All of the other appliances worked on gas. Vacuum that. 13 Four warm air outlets I was having problems with my heater. They warm the living area and heat water in the integrated stainless steel tank. By Your previous login credentials are no longer valid from 07.07.2020. .... Freeman 23 Broads Cruiser ! Loose chattels marked with UV,.Reich Move Control. 3, rotary switch faulty, stat turned down. I did phone the Truma help desk on Friday I described the issue, but got told that as it was related to gas there was nothing they could do so I needed to take it to a service engineer. Breaker off on power board. The next morning the water was 'tepid' checked the water heater … 2. Have had no problems to date, but this weekend the issues started. TRUMA HEATING SYSTEM FOR RVS | RV WATER HEATER (NOT WORKING). caravan: Avondale Avocet ( 2006) - tow car: Renault Laguna (2007) - play car: Mercedes 300SL (1988). In this video they talk about their experience. Bust heater/loose connection. To answer a few questions. 8 Combustion chamber A simple and safe way of testing it would be to use a length of mains flex connected to a 13amp plug BUT just connect the earth ( green yellow) wire to the earth pin in the plug and connect the other end of the green yellow conductor to the case of the heater. Later in the day I tried the gas again and it came on, however, it seems that as soon as it get hot, it cuts out and will not relight. × I gave it 30 seconds re-lit the system and have not had a problem since. Tried the water heater, no problems. 17 Room temperature sensor August 23, 2011 in Caravan Heating & Cooling. Fresh water is in the outer stainless steel water container, which holds up to ten litres (14). As this was odd I then tried various way of reconnecting it back to the caravan feed and it was only when I provided a separate bonding lead to the battery everything worked as it should. It sounds like the connection to "earth" ( the negative side of the battery and/or the earth connection of the mains) is going high resitance due to a poor connection and the fact that it works sometimes and not others is possibly due to differences in temperature. The required combustion air enters the appliance through the outer duct of the combined combustion air/exhaust cowl (4) and is fed to the gas burner (6) with the help of the combustion air fan (5). ,CT. Ninja (Hon) Flies the flag. Ford C-Max and Coachman Festival 380/2 SE 2006. not sure which) had been pierced by a screw when the cooker had been fitted, sounds a bit like Hairyfools solution again. Put the water heater on gas when we first arrived, normally have the setting about 50C. 15 Hot water connection pipe The HDF thermal jacket (18) provides good insulation for the Truma Combi heater. On the control panel on the actual heater there are two 10A slow delay glass fuses - one at the top and visible and the other at the very bottom and hardly visible. 1. Cycling, walking, cooking, drinking wine and cocktails. 2 3 2 24 Top 6 1 1 2 3 27 4 26 4a 5 6 12 10 9 11 13 15 14 17 16 11a 25 7 18 19 LED 1 LED 2 8 LED 3 20 23 21 22 22 ... • Any work involving connection or intercon-necting wiring must be carried out by a li- ... Water Heater + +--• • (It seems as if it is not working because at 500W it takes a long time before you feel any heat at all, but once the 'van is up to temperature -perhaps on gas- 500W should be ample to maintain temperature.) The heater is connected to the gas supply of the vehicle via the gas connection (2). It is heated by the heat transfer from the heat exchanger (11). Just to update you. Heater cover removed, no signs of any obstruction. When the set temperature is reached, the burner switches off. Like Izzy and MJ, many RV'ers have shared their own experience with the Truma … Any more dismantling and you'll break a gas seal and need expert help. Once it has got hot, it does not appear to relight. Can the red light be re set in any way???? The most common failure mode results in the heater ONLY working in the 500W position; you could try this. 3 Solenoid valve You hear the valve open and the buzzing of the ignition. However, when I turned the gas tap back on and tried to ignite there was a loud pop, as if there was a build up of gas. I think that it's well worth trying 4 star's solution of attaching an earth bonding wire as it sounds just like an earth fault (the sort of imtermittant fault you get on car lights etc) . The case of the heater should be earthed anyway. However it just will not go into full on mode. The water heater 'exhaust' was on the leeward side of the van which was the same side the car was parked. Probably. Fix a length of cable to one of the screws holding the heater down so that the wire conductor is in contact with the case. When the temperature falls below the set heater and water temperatures, the Truma Combi switches on again automatically to heat air and water (winter mode). I am thinking maybe a spider or something has got in through the side cowel and the gas 'pop' has cleared it out? Thanks for all of your replies. Plainly, if there's no gas reaching the heater, then the thing won't light on gas. Motto . Page 16 In case you encounter any problems, Please have the model number and serial please contact the Truma Service Center number (on water heater’s type plate) handy at 855-558-7862 or one of our autho- when you call. You can post now and register later. Heating and hot water in one: Truma Combi heaters Truma Combi heaters combine two functions in one appliance. Upload or insert images from URL. It worked fine until recently - however now it wont turn on fully. In summer mode it is possible to heat up the water independently of the space heater. Started Tuesday at 12:49, By The circulation fan (10) blows the air that is to be heated into the appliance. Status Aerial 315. 5 Combustion air fan They then changed the circuit board in the water heater and everything has been ok (fingers crossed) since. × Put the water heater on gas when we first arrived, normally have the setting about 50C. Still trying to find the perfect pitch. cheers Peter. The hot exhaust gases are diverted at the end of the combustion chamber on the baffle of the flame tube (9) and flow back between the flame tube of the burner and the inside wall of the heat exchanger. Why not get an independent assessment from another experienced installer, I suspect the original installation is the problem, either that or a faulty componant in the unit. Later in the day we did some shopping and parked the car the other side. If the water temperature drops, the electronics reignite automatically. Internet connected via 3 dongle Windows 7. Caravanning, family, swimming, motorcycling, cycling. Sorry to resurrect this thread again. We were away over the weekend and are having the same issue. I can only surmise that my heater is sensitive to wind and while it was not blowing directly into the 'exhaust' it was swirling and buffeting off the car ! If not is there power into the fused spur. You can hear the valve open but no buzzing. I have a 1989 S class Hymer with an independent Truma Gas heater. There, the air flows along the fins of the heat exchanger (11) which ensures optimum heat transfer because of its large transfer surface area. Depending on the model, Combi heaters can be used in gas, electric, diesel or mixed mode. This fixed my heater in that the heater was shutting off as if the flame failure device had triggered. John Mcm Everything is fine on gas. The appliance reduces the heat output before the desired heating and water temperatures are reached. The flame should be blue, not yellow. The gas supply to the heater is controlled via the solenoid valve (3). 11 Heat exchanger Decided to turn the gas tap off to the water heater and see if it would light. 16 Cold water connection pipe What I am still trying to figure out is why? We were on a cliff top rally last week and the water heater worked perfectly for 5 days but the red error light showed on the 6th day. I have had a few problems with my gas water heater recently.